The Museum Re-opens with Commemoration of the St Andrew’s College 2010/2011 Earthquake Experience

For the past 30 years our Museum has been home to an extensive collection of St Andrew’s memorabilia. After the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes forced it into hiatus, we are delighted the Museum is now back with bright plans for the future. We acknowledge the Museum’s collections play an important role in documenting the College’s history.

Pip Dinsenbacher, Preparatory School Art teacher, helped create the new vision for the Museum by curating artwork showcasing many of the beautiful and historic pieces of art the College owns throughout Strowan House. Today the Museum now reaches across the campus and is accessible to students and our community.

Independent museum specialist, Dr Kerry McCarthy, was engaged to lead a three-year plan delivering key projects. With over 20 years’ experience in curatorial and management roles in public museums, Kerry says the purpose of the St Andrew’s College Museum is to develop, document and care for a focused collection of taonga that reflects and promotes the culture of St Andrew’s College.

“We intend to deliver exhibitions and other programmes that celebrate the stories of
St Andrew’s College and its communities to inspire present and future generations,” she says.

Alexandra Callaghan, the Museum’s Curator, is responsible for delivering the programmes and is first point of contact for donations and research questions. Alexandra says
“St Andrew’s is one of Canterbury’s most important educational institutions and, as we mark our first 100 years, it’s a perfect time to really take ownership of our history and make sure it is safe for the future.”

The Museum team is also committed to establishing a sustainable operating model, as well as making a positive contribution to the school’s strategic goals.

“The Museum will embrace innovation and leadership,” says Kerry. “We want to be able to deliver credible and challenging learning experiences that will be accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of users. The Museum needs to have contemporary and engaging activities, as well as enduring and contemplative experiences.”

Most importantly, the Museum will promote pride in the St Andrew’s College culture and create a place where that culture can be understood and valued.

As well as the earthquake exhibition other projects underway include scanning over 6,000 photographs from our extensive collection of St Andrew’s images, and creating a digital catalogue of the entire Museum collection that will be available online for our community to view.

We are committed to a vision of a museum that is recognised as a leading school museum. One that is sustainable and professionally managed to international standards, and, above all, one that is valued by our community.

St Andrew’s College 2010/2011 Earthquake Exhibition

The Museum’s first exhibition commemorates the St Andrew’s College 2010/2011 earthquake experience and highlights the challenges faced and the strength of our community over the past five years. The exhibition is open upstairs in Strowan House weekdays from 8.30am–5.00pm. To book a time, please contact Museum curator Alexandra Callaghan at

Visit our Earthquake exhibition website.
Visit our Museum YouTube channel.

We are in the process of digitalising our photographs and so far have completed more than 2500. Click here to view our photo archives and search for an area of interest.